01 - 03 OCTOBER 2021 

 Why choose Macedonia for extreme sports

Macedonia is a small country, but with the most beautiful places to explore.  Macedonia is a country that has all the beauty to attract the people who are addicted to extreme sports. Krushevo, Ohrid, Galichica  are places that are attractive for flying cross-country. Krushevo is an ethno town and vivid museum, famous for the cultural sites, the specific architecture. It is the highest town in Macedonia, situated at an altitude of over 1350 above sea level. Ohrid has a vast history and heritage, famous for the lake Ohrid and 365 churches and is protected by UNESCO. Galcica is a mountain situated across the border between the Republic of Macedonia and Albania, and is situated between the two biggest lakes in the republic: Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa. These three places are heaven for paragliding, mountain biking, kayaking, etc.

25-27 OCTOBER 2019

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22.06.2016 Motocross

Motocross is a sport that plays favorites to no one.

Dean Wilson knows this all too well. 

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Dave Mirra had CTE

22.06.2016 2016 MXGP Of Great Britain |

Matterley Basin personifies everything a motocross grand prix should be. The track is amazing for the riders; it has great flow, it’s wide, the elevation changes continuously, it has an array of turns, on-camber, off-camber, 180’s, sweepers and it also has challenging obstacles such as waves, triples and quads, mixed in with the classic obstacles like tabletops, doubles and ski jumps. 


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