Motocross is a sport that plays favorites to no one.

Dean Wilson knows this all too well. 

2016 MXGP Of Great Britain |


Matterley Basin personifies everything a motocross grand prix should be. The track is amazing for the riders; it has great flow, it’s wide, the elevation changes continuously, it has an array of turns, on-camber, off-camber, 180’s, sweepers and it also has challenging obstacles such as waves, triples and quads, mixed in with the classic obstacles like tabletops, doubles and ski jumps. 


Simple Session 16 live on Extreme!


Best BMX riders and skate'u in one place! Today begins a Simple Session 16, and on our blog you can watch the live broadcast of this unique event.
During this event there will also Poles. On the track will leave Damian Onufrak, Rafał Kierc, Dominik "Domel" Jaworowski and Luke Dzido! See our in action!

Przez cały dzień pod tymi linkami znajdziecie relację z kwalifikacji BMX i skate!

Simple Session 16 – BMX & Skate Qualifications REPLAYS here


The biggest BMX and skateboard competition in the world celebrates its 16thbirthday this weekend, and it’s going to be one hell of a party!

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