Introductory Courses

The best way to experience paragliding is you  to join us on an Introductory Paragliding Course. This is your introduction into the world of paragliding and  you will learn how to fly in a short  time. Our team is highly professional with many years experience.

Duration – 7 days (custom made plan)

Dates – Available upon request. (All year)

First day (picking up the group from the Anternational Airport Skopje., and accommodation in the hotels/hostels that were previously booked)

A typical Day on this Course would go as follows:

    9am - 10am: gathering at the starting point  (unless alternative arrangements are made)
    10am: Traveling to training site
    Learn how to inflate, control and land a paraglide (referred to as ground handling)
    1pm: Break for lunch(lunch packet is included in the price)
    Depending on weather conditions and group preference, the afternoon will consist of a couple of small flights from a 30m training hill or a tandem flight with an instructor or free afternoon
    Dinning in the best Macedonian restaurants

 Last day: Taking the group to the International Airport Skopje.

Price – 900 euro, per person (The price may vary, depending on whether the group is accommodated in a hostel or a hotel)

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